Show Details – Murder on the Lust Boat

Murder on the Lust Boat

Directed by: Jason Loomis
Executive Producer: Sue Charr on
Producer: Jeri Loomis

Performance Dates: 
October 11, 2019
Doors Open @ 5:47
Dinner Served @ 6:30
Show Starts @ 7:30

Howell Opera House
123 West Grand River Ave.
Howell, MI ​48843
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Ticket Prices: 
Single Admission: $47
Table of Six: $270

Advance Ticket Sale Locations: 
 Tickets may be purchased through the Howell Opera House website


           Get ready for an evening of hilarious hi-jinx on the high seas when the S.S. Lust Boat  sets sail!  Meet Capt. Ivah Dinghy, Fiona Helmsworth, owner of the ship; social director Monique  Lewdinsky, and the rest of the wacky cast in the Afterglow Lounge on a luxury ocean liner nicknamed "The  Lust Boat." Why the nickname? Because the activities planned by the social director are so naughty, people  are running off with other people's mates. In fact, some couples hit dry land and head straight for the  divorce lawyer! 

           The action revolves around Rico, Man of Mystery, who sits at a table onstage and  tries to mind his own business. Trouble is, every staff member on the ship thinks Rico is someone  different - from a restaurant critic to a hit man. Rico isn't talking, but the rest of the cast can't  shut up. They spend their time gossiping about each other and dredging up secrets from each other's  pasts. 

          In the end, someone is brutally murdered, and it's up to the audience to guess who done it. Every cast member is a suspect. 

Cast List

Tony Terrafirma: Matt Hughes

Tina Terrafirma: Liz Goble

Fiona Helmsworth: Mary Helfman

Hamilton "Ham" Helmsworth: Evan Rudnicki

Captain Ivah Dinghy: Chris Clontz

Minique Lewdinsky: Cherie Eastman

Caprice Rutledge: Andrea Shivley

Butler Rutledge: Jason Loomis

Rico: Tom Clapp

Master of Ceremonies: Melissa Formella